Furniture upcycling.

My site is dedicated to my passion for Antiques, Retro & Vintage, Furniture upcycling, Decorative Antiques and all things old and interesting.

Growing up with antique furniture I took it for granted, it was only when I moved away and was introduced to 80s furniture, predominantly flat pack chipboard which unfortunately in my household, fell to bits, that I truly appreciated all the ‘old furniture’ we had at home. This was the beginning of a life long appreciation and love of solid wood and period furniture. Luckily my home is now filled with beautiful solid wooden furniture which still retains original patina, some pieces have been recovered, hand painted, refurbished and… the in word, ‘upcycled’, to give a different look.

If you have a love of decorative Antiques, Hand Painted Furniture, vintage & retro, being creative with your upcycling then my site may be the place for you.  On my blog page you can see ongoing projects,  helpful hints, tips, product reviews and a bit of furniture design history thrown in for good measure.

My sale items are an eclectic mix of decorative antiques  which span  from Victorian, Edwardian to Retro & Vintage 60s / 70s. See my Sales page where you can see items for sale, previous sales, Retro Living and what’s new to the workshop.

All pieces have been lovingly restored and waxed using quality products. Fabrics and foams used for recovering are new and conform to current fire regulations.

My ethos is… ‘If it’s not good enough for my home then it’s not good enough for yours’.

I am based in Fareham Hampshire, I sell a variety of antiques & collectibles, hand painted furniture, upcycled items and also take on commissions. So if you have a favorite piece of furniture that you just cannot give up but feel it’s  tired and in need of a different look, contact me for a discussion and free quote.   I also have a Facebook page Penny’s Emporium where you can like my page, see my items for sale and chat.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website.

Penny x